Co-teaching supports a diverse inclusive environment where the needs of all students are met utilizing the unique skills of each educator.  Students benefit from a inclusive environment because it:


  • Provides opportunities

  • Avoids labels and stigma

  • Accepts diversity

  • Improves instruction

  • Increases assessment results

  • Increases collaboration and builds relationships

  • Supports self-advocacy

  • Upholds the law

  • Considers the future and is just good for kids

We are very excited to currently partner in a collaborative effort with national researcher and leader in the field of Co-Teaching, Dr. Wendy Weichel Murawski. Dr. Murawski is well published in the area of co-teaching and is frequently requested to present and  consult with schools, districts and state departments across the country.  Her research continues to add to the growing evidence supporting co-teaching in the literature.

Further, all of our consultants are from the education field, meaning that themselves, were once co-teachers.  They have brought their collective ideas straight from the classroom, where our team has developed them into products that are easy to use and assist teachers, administrators, coaches, districts or states in various ways.





Co-Teaching Solutions

Connect, collect, collaborate and communicate

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technology come together.




We invite you to join our ongoing research in the areas of co-teaching and inclusion.  There are professional learning and product benefits to participating.  Pleace contact us if your school is interested.