For Co-teachers - A toolbox that includes a co-teaching lesson planner, intervention tracking and curriculum maps, among many more features and benefits.  Call for a trial version today.




Annual District, School or Individual subscriptions available.  Please contact us to discuss your options.

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Connect, collect, collaborate and communicate

Co-Teaching Solutions

Over 30 reports for teachers, teams,

coaches, administrators, districts or

state, or customize your own reports

Connect – team members
Collect – the effectiveness of

the co-teachers utilizing the core

competencies of co-teaching
Communicate –  progress and results to all stakeholders, instantly and in real time
Collaborate – providing the data necessary to improve co-teaching best practices and setting high expectations


  • Easy to use co-teaching observation systems assists you in what to Look For, Listen For and Ask For.  Based on Dr. Wendy Murawski's Co-Teaching Core Competencies
  • Built in scoring rubrics
  • Smart scheduler provides automatic approvals, notifications and reminders of scheduled observations
  • Over 30 reports
  • Use from any device, computer, tablets or phones